poniedziałek, 19 lipca 2010

The stereotype of an independent woman

The role of women has become more prominent since the end of the XIXth century. Nowadays women can live their own lives and they almost always get their own way. But does a modern woman have a more satisfied life?

It seems that these transformations were also caused by feminism. This movement aims at establishing greater rights, legal protection for women and their liberation. It is known that feminism is a theory of the importance of gender equality. Although this movement brought women freedom from different forms of violence, their efforts were also met with mixed and often negative results. For example, according to radical feminists there is a male-based authority and power structure. So, this patriarchal system must be changed to matriarchal one. Furthermore they claim that differences of gender arose from the organization of society. For that reason they fight against the domination of men.

First of all, being a woman or a man is the fundamentals of her or his identity. Equally, it is strictly connected with human nature. The best proof for this statement is an example of transsexual. This woman (or the man with own choice) wished to be the mother and not the father. As a result, she became pregnant. It was possible because she still had a womb.

Next point is that a woman to be pleased needs to know her own dignity and her mission in life. Consequently, it is necessary to emphasize the beauty of her womanhood. Pope John Paul II in the letter “Mulieris dignitatem” described “the genius of the woman”. This term means that women have very special vocation in society for forming bonds and proper relations. Owing to this, women who are delicate, sensitive and compassionate may build a peaceful and friendly world. Besides, a woman as a mother is a guardian of life.

In conclusion, it is important to add that obviously every girl and every woman dreams to be a princess or a queen as these are symbols of authentic beauty of a woman’s soul.

Is the modern woman from the feminists’ vision who is seeking herself in domination liberated and therefore happy? Maybe she is rather in another prison which we could call “a stereotype of independent woman”. Since on the top of all a woman (and also a man) may find her (his) dignity in being for someone else.

P. s. Tekst napisalam po angielsku. Nie tlumaczé, aby nie stracil swojego charakteru. W tych czasach jendak, chyba wszyscy zrozumiejá, nieprawdaz? Niestety, jestem w Anglii i nawet nie mam polskich znaków na klawiaturze. Pozdrawiam serdecznie!